About Team

We are a team of players, thinkers, dreamers, creators and we do what we love. We believe that our devotion is reflected through our passion for developing a sporting culture in India. We are serious about everything that is right for sports.

Our Mission

Bridging the gap and making sports a part of everyone’s life.

What We Do

We are a platform that helps you get the best training, by providing the best of coaches and facilities with just a simple search.We have an extensive database that covers a wide range sports and coaches enabling you to learn something new every time. We don’t just create listings but a complete online identity for the coaches helping them to showcase their expertise to the world.

Our Culture

Here at CoachKhoj, sports in not just a thing we do. It’s a passion that runs through our veins. We don’t have a workforce, we have a team. A team that is committed to be the champion in what we do.

Our passion for sports is reflected in each and every aspect of our work culture. Be it, taking responsibility of the team to helping each and other in giving their best.

Join The Team

At CoachKhoj we apply our promises in everything what we do - We encourage creativity, identify strengths and give you an environment which allows you to be totally you.